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LEARN 2020-2021
Education Management and Enrichment

Welcome to the Level Up! Learn Program!

Why Level Up! Learn? Many parents may find it challenging to get work done while also monitoring and helping their student achieve educational success; even if they're working from home, and in the same room.

The Level Up! Learn program was developed from a need to help parents manage student academic success when schools were closed due to the pandemic. Since that time, we developed a program geared specifically towards helping our students complete assignments (virtual and physical), connect with their teachers, and explore their creativity through the many other activities offered at our facility.

You'll find all the info about this new program below.

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Student Schedule and Assignment Management
Computer Provision, Monitoring and Remote Assistance Software
Physical Spacing (AKA, Social Distancing)
Cleaning Procedures
Face Mask Policy
Student Belongings and School Supplies

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Top Questions

Which schools do you provide transportation services for?

We currently provide transportation from all of the listed schools, except certain schools that are [BUSED] to our facility.

How are [BUSED] schools transported to your facility?
The school my student attends is not listed
How do you decide if you can provide transportation services for schools you don't currently pick-up from?
How do you decide which schools you will provide transportation services for?
What can I do if you don't have space in your program and/or you don't provide transportation services for my students school?
Can I provide my own transportation to your facility for my student?