Mark is from Charlotte, NC. He is the Owner, and directs the programs. He hopes to one day introduce the benefits of Level Up! to people all over the world.

Mr. Mark

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but spent most of my formative years in Naples, Italy. I began crafting at a very early age with my mother, and I've had a handmade shop online for 8 years. In the future, I hope to have a brick and mortar Handmade Shop where others can enjoy the great quality of handmade items.

Ms. Mara
Front Desk, Program Manager

Stephen grew up in Charlotte and learned to make Potato Salad from a young age
He captains the Pokemon TCG Team and teaches students everyday about teamwork and other such things.
He hopes to one day become a true Pokemon Master and make it to the final stage of Worlds.

Instructor Stephen
Pokemon TCG Program Manager

Paul grew up in Charlotte, NC, and always dreamt of being the best Futbol player ever. He has trained himself in the ways of Foot-Fu and other such sport derived martials styles. He teaches students how to tactically eliminate each other in fast-paced games on AoE2. He hopes to one day defeat his greatest enemy and rival, Kanye West.

Mr. Paul
After School Supervisor
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